I'm Emma


"There are many 'marketing experts' out there but in Emma you truly get someone who knows her stuff."

– Gayle Cotton –

Be Brave, Be Human, Be Remarkable.

The role of the marketer has changed. Anyone can deliver tactical marketing. You can quickly upskill in a particular channel and release some ads into the world.

The modern marketer must be a master of both connection (in the digital sense) and connection (in the human sense).

They must be highly empathetic, seeing things from other people’s perspectives and a teacher to those around them who simply can’t join up the dots. 

I can join up the dots. I can show you how and then help you to teach others.

Who I've worked with

Google Digital Garage
University of Lincoln
NOttingham Trent University

Get to know your customer

If brands are to survive, marketers now and of the future must help them to build emotional connections over time with their audience. Brands need to communicate with their audiences (at precisely the moment they are searching) how they can help solve their problem, fulfill their need, add value to their lives. 

Who is your ideal customer? Get started by downloading and completing my fully editable Profile and Empathy Map templates.