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The modern marketer must be a master of both connection (in the digital sense) and connection (in the human sense).

Emma Ellse Digital Marketing Consultant Mentor Trainer

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"Emma has injected a passion and energy into the marketing of the business that we have never seen before. She reads the business well, totally sees the vision and helps us to achieve that vision."

Anthony Long

Anthony Long - Technical Director

Meaningful value

The best marketing approach is one that focuses on creating meaningful value in the lives of others via the products and services we create and deliver. 

This can only be achieved with an unwavering commitment to continue to serve customers in a remarkable way. In order to do that you must know your prospects, customers, clients at a deep emotional level.  Once you have that level of understanding you’ll not only deliver value but gain long term loyalty and advocacy too.

Marketing is about people. Sure there are tools, methods, tactics, channels to master but at the heart of all marketing is value driven human to human connection.

Helping others is an innate part of humanity, it bonds us and lifts us. As a business owner or marketeer, you need to look at how your products and services help others. How they improve lives, how they add value.  This doesn't have to be on some grand scale, but it has to be a focus as it is the key to success. 

We hear talk of 'no such thing as a silver bullet'.

Well in marketing there is. It's connecting and serving others in a meaningful and value driven way. I can show you how. 

Communicate your 'why'

If brands are to survive, marketers now and of the future must help them to build emotional connections over time with their audience. Brands need to communicate with their audiences (at precisely the moment they are searching) how they can help solve their problem, fulfill their need, add value to their lives. 

Brands need to communicate ‘why’ they are meaningful to their audience. 

Ethical businesses with an unwavering commitment to delivering remarkable products and services who can effectively communicate their ‘why’ will appeal to what matters most to the future generations - tomorrow's consumers. They will create long term advocates for their products and services and a future-proofed business

My 'why'

As a marketing consultant, trainer and mentor I selfishly want to help marketers and SME business owners succeed. I say ‘selfishly’ as it’s genuinely what fills me as a person. Helping marketers at the beginning of their career journey or SME business owners grow their business is my passion. Sharing my experience and knowledge, providing tools, advice, accountability, and support to help my clients join up the dots and flourish is my passion. 

Knowing that I have influenced and played a small part in the success of a person's career or business brings value and meaning to my life. 

I have had an extensive marketing career across almost all areas of marketing. I’ve forged a path through both B2B,  B2C and more recently B2B2C. I’ve worked within large multinationals, agencies, SMEs and new startup businesses in a full array of sectors from insurance to wealth management, legal practice to holistic practices, pest control to media, FMCG to outdoor play.  Brands I’ve worked with rage from MARS to Disney, Tesco to Google and enough SMEs to list one from every letter of the alphabet. 

I’ve climbed the marketing ladder and achieved my career goal. I’ve set up and ran my own successful businesses and reached a level of personal, career and business fulfillment.  Now, as a seasoned marketer and industry recognised expert I want to help others achieve their goals too.

Strategy and Marketing Consultant

As a strategy and marketing consultant to SME's I deliver senior strategic support and advice. I help businesses with their marketing strategy, planning, team management, leadership, mentoring, and training without the need for a full-time CMO / Marketing Director.

I work alongside directors and senior leaders to align business objectives and strategy to marketing objectives, strategy, and planning.

All too often marketing is considered the purely tactical element with money being wasted on delivering tactical marketing with little direction or strategy behind it to help achieve the overall business objectives.

I look at where you currently are, where you want to be and then help you create a strategy to get you there.

I can join up the dots and I will show you and your teams how to do it too.

Need some trusted advice?

Book a call with me and let's see if I can help.

Interim Marketing Director

As your interim marketing director, I bring temporary high level expertise and leadership to deliver strategic direction that meets business objectives efficiently and effectively.

I have the skills, experience, and capabilities to take on a temporary role within your business that bridges a gap.

I will lend my years of knowledge and experience to support your business in delivering key objectives such as the effective launch of new business programs, new market, product or service strategies, and launch, mergers, and acquisitions, rebrands, and CRM systems.

I support growing businesses and deliver strategy for both short and long term growth. I can pull together a marketing team, quickly assess current skills levels and train and develop internal teams whilst providing senior strategic direction, leadership and mentoring to those who need it.

Whether you need to build product or service awareness, increase sales, retain existing customers, enter new markets, launch new products or services I will create suitable strategies to get you there and play a key role in the implementation of all campaigns.

I work flexibly with leaders and their teams on projects 2-4 days per month typically for 9-12 months.

Need help bridging a gap?

Book a call with me and let's see if we're a fit!

"We did not require a permanent Marketing Director but we did require a temporary high level of expertise to create the future marketing strategy for the business and get the business and team focused on common goals. Emma achieved this objective with a great deal of enthusiasm and professionalism."

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson - Managing Director

Emma Ellse

Why me?

  • I have worked at board level as an independent consultant, interim marketing director and mentor since 2015. 
  • I have trained 1100+ SME business owners and their teams in marketing, digital skills and how to grow their business
  • I’ve taught and supported 5200+ students at BA, MA and PG level
  • I have written and delivered bespoke training packages for clients in a variety of sectors for varying staff skill levels
  • I am 2x PgDip (Marketing and Digital Marketing) qualified and a Elected Fellow of both the CIM and IDM
  • I am a Senior Digital Marketing Lecturer and industry speaker on digital marketing 
  • I am a trusted mentor, passionate about being ‘remarkable’ and have some awesome recommendations - take a look! 

"We started working with Emma in August 2016 to look at a completely new rebrand, e-marketing campaign, website, office visuals and our proposition. Taking time to really understand our business, current markets, target markets and people Emma came up with the goods big style. Really great fun to work with and ready to push us (we needed pushing)."

Dan Dean

Dan Dean - Sales Director

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