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I can help you achieve in 12 months what takes others 3 years! - AND we'll have loads of fun whilst we do it!

Emma Ellse Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Mentor

The Marketing Mentorship Programme

Are you struggling to get traction in your role?. Do you wish you were a better communicator? Do you need to get things done quicker?. Do you want to feel confident and in-control?. Are your dreams to move up the career ladder, make more money and build a personal brand? Do you wish you had someone on hand to help you answer tricky questions and make quicker decisions?

I set up the Marketing Mentorship Programme because it pained me to see so many marketing execs become disillusioned in their roles, losing sight of their career dreams and not realising their career goals. 

With the right advice, expert knowledge, accountability, and support you’ll feel more confident in your role and achieve your career goals quicker.


I've been where you are

I’ve asked the same questions you ask, I’ve had the same conversations, the same frustrations and I’ve faced the same challenges and setbacks.

I understand your goals and the dreams you have for your future and I will help you get there.

I'll share my knowledge, skills and experience with you so you can overcome challenges. 

I'll support and guide you and help you achieve your goals.

And I will do that quickly and efficiently. By working with me you’ll learn to work smarter - not harder! 


Fast track

We’ll not have any more stressing and struggling. Just smart, efficient and effective strategies, tools and support to help you become a truly remarkable marketer.  

The mentorship programme is designed to fast track your career. I will help you achieve in 12 months what it takes other 3 years! 

I want you to love working in marketing as much I do. I want you to have the career you dreamed of. And I want to make the journey more enjoyable for you. 

Above all, I want you to feel as confident, excited and passionate about marketing as I do.


You're in safe hands

I have over 20 years' experience in marketing (15 in digital marketing - almost since digital marketing first began) and I am still a marketing practitioner today. I run 2 of my own business, for which I do ALL of the marketing.  As well as mentoring marketeers, consulting at board level with companies and being a part-time senior digital marketing lecturer at Lincoln University. 

I’ve managed campaigns, budgets, projects, teams, agencies, and freelancers, myself, my boss’s and some seriously tricky situations.

I’ve had an extensive marketing career, I’ve forged a path through both B2B,  B2C, B2B2C within large multinationals, agencies, SMEs and new startups in a full array of sectors.  I’ve achieved my career goals, a level of personal and career fulfillment and now as a seasoned marketer, and industry recognised expert I want to help others. 

Knowing that I have influenced and played a small part in the success of a person's career or business brings value and meaning to my life.


Be Brave, Be Human, Be Remarkable

My marketing mentees practice a value-driven approach resulting in delivering a remarkable service and creating accelerated business growth.

Marketing is all about being brave enough to test things out. I will share with you both my successes and failures. Insights as well as anecdotes.

But first, you have to be brave enough to be you, then you have to be human enough to be truly remarkable.

When you are being remarkable you’ll achieve everything you’ve always dreamed.

If you’re ready to embrace the way of The Remarkable Marketer I’m ready to work with you. 

Talk to Emma about the marketers mentorship programme.

Book yourself in for a quick chat to see if we're a good match.

"I increased my salary by £6k within 9 months of working with Emma."

Ben Cass

Ben Cass - Marketing Executive

Emma Ellse Marketing Mentor Director or LAB Digital Training

My Promise to you

  • Share not just my successes but also failures, lessons and give you the heads up on things to avoid
  • I’ll keep you up to date on industry changes, new technologies, channels and techniques
  • I help you deepen your passion for marketing and foster an appetite for life-long learning 
  • I’ll help you identify opportunities for greater ownership of the marketing function
  • I’ll support you in delivering Increased strategic contribution to the senior team 
  • We’ll work together to move you career quickly forward 
  • Help you transition from viewing things tactically to strategically 
  • Give you tools and techniques so you can understand and analyse the bigger picture 
  • Let you quickly benefit from some real world marketing experience - in my time as a marketer I’ve have tried and tested most marketing tactics

"An absolute pleasure to have worked with, Emma has been a great mentor, has a wealth of knowledge and I hope I can continue to work with her."

Shehla Ali

Shehla Ali - Social Media Consultant & Strategist

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